Starter Kit-Group Course

LEVEL A1-Beginners Enter to see next courses, days and hours.


Spanish class for beginners (newbies).

Level A1. 

Online in a group or In Site!

You will learn to communicate in Spanish at basic level,as a tourist and a short stay in a country, using Spanish to request goods and services.

With a professional Spanish teacher. 

You will have:

✅ Conversational online session. One conversational session per week. One 50-minutes videoconference session per week by Zoom.

Activities in group and in small teams during the Zoom session. 

Activities to develop communication skills to have your first conversations.

Ask the teacher. The teacher will help you understand some basics of grammar, vocabulary and cultural aspects.

You will learn and practice:

✅ Grammar and vocabulary in context, to improve your language knowledge.

✅ Cultural aspects of the language and people each lesson.

✅ Listen, speak, read and write in Spanish.

Intended for:

✅ For newbies / beginners. Level A1. Age18+ 


✅ Lesson 1. ¡Hola en español!

✅ Lesson 2. ¿Nos presentamos?

✅ Lesson 3. ¿Qué trae en su equipaje?

✅ Lesson 4. !Está en su casa!

✅ Lesson 5. Pásele, ¿qué le damos?

✅ Lesson 6. Se puede probar.

✅ Lesson 7. ¡Va a estar soleado!

✅ Lesson 8. Si quiere nadar tiene que…

✅ Lesson 9. ¡Oh, qué dolor!

✅ Lesson 10. ¿Qué eventos hay en la ciudad?

✅ Lesson 11. ¿Dónde queda ese lugar?

✅ Lesson 12. ¿Pasillo o ventana? Gracias por acompañarnos.

You will learn greetings, goodbyes, polite phrases, sounds of letters, first words and useful phrases, how to introduce yourself, how to buy food, clothes and personal things. About public places, directions, indications. Use of present tense and some cultural aspects of the language and people.


✅ 12 weeks/12 lessons.

✅ 50-minutes conversational session.


✅ Pay 2,520 MXN (around 126 USD) for the whole course.

Register at least 48 hours before, the course will be open with three people.

NOW also LIVE classes!
Take your class in Baja, México

The classes are held in a local restaurant, in San Antonio del Mar, Tijuana, Baja California, where you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and ocean views during your classes. Register at least 48 hours before, the course will be open with three people.

1. Register for the course.

Please, in comments write the CODE to know the class you want and a brief about you like your age or special needs.

Phone number to contact you via Whatsapp or text message.
Your Spanish level, age, special needs or some information to help you better with your learning process.

2. Pay by Paypal or credit card.

Please, write your name, the CODE and your email in the payment description to know the class you want and contact you even faster.

December 2021 to February 2022.

  • San Antonio, Tijuana Baja California:
    – Wednesdays 09:00 [Code We09]
  • Online classes (Pacific/Los Angeles time)
    – Tuesdays 19:00 [Code Tue19]
(No classes Dec/24th to Jan/2th)