Private Classes

Welcome to your online Spanish private class

Study and practice conversation, learn grammar and pronunciation and know more about the culture with a native mexican speaker and a teacher, specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language.


300MXN - 50-minutes lesson

per person

(15USD aprox.)

Study Spanish via video chat using your favorite application, choose between Google Meet or Zoom. 

You can take a private class or study with your own group, family or couple with a 10% off each person.

You can book and schedule your lessons in different days and hours each time according with your needs.


In Baja, Mexico

300MXN - 50-minutes lesson

per person

(15USD aprox.)

NOW, choose the day:
Tuesdays / Fridays 9am-3pm

Your teacher is very excited to have the opportunity to see you again face-to-face.

Due to the current situation there are only few hours available, therefore, if you want your face-to-face classes, it will be necessary to schedule and pay for your classes for the entire month. Also, consider that food or drink ordering is required. 

The classes are held in a local restaurant, in San Antonio del Mar, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, where you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and ocean views during your classes.

Just 2 steps to start learning Spanish.

Step 1. Book your class.

Sign-up to book a class.

Step 2. Pay your class to schedule it.

Pay by Paypal or credit card.

50 minutes lesson – Pay in advanced.

You’ll be able to make one change within the same week at least 48 hours before your scheduled class or to cancel anytime.* No money back.

Please, check you agenda before booking and paying the class. 

Please, check your email and your spam box before the class.


With our program, you will learn and practice:

✅ Grammar and vocabulary in context, to improve your language knowledge.

✅ Cultural aspects of the language and people each lesson.

✅ Listen, speak, read and write in Spanish.



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