Meet the teacher

Meer the teacher

Hi, I’m Gilda, and I love to teach Spanish. In a student-teacher relationship we always learn one from each other. I love to share with my students about our languages and cultures, that enrich us personally and help in the treat of others, that makes us happy. I believed that the learning process should be an enjoyable process.

I have years of experience teaching people of different ages and needs. If you want to learn Spanish with mexican and a real Spanish teacher, you are in the right place.    

I’m specialized as a teacher of Spanish as a second language and have a doctoral degree in education with studies in intercultural dialog.

For individual classes, I’ll prepare each class according to your needs and goals.

If you want to go deeply in the language and their people,  I’ll help you with the different variations of Spanish about cultures, pronunciation, grammar and uses of the language focused in an intercultural dialog.  

Just tell me if you want to focus on an specific topic, for work or school or in specific skill like reading or conversation. To give you some examples: some students want to analice and talk about a book or about the news in the news paper, some others ask to learn since the beginning or just few lessons as a tourist to meet the language, some people prefer to practice more conversation with a “surprise topic”, just to start a conversation about what they really are interested in, giving some time to explain grammar or vocabulary when is need it.

There are many ways to learn Spanish and many interesting things to discover using it among their people. Join a class in a group or study individually.

I’ll be glad to be your Spanish teacher.

Gilda Muñoz